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Company Description Our Motto: You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!® We can’t take credit for coming up with that motto ourselves. Many years ago, one of our customers used those exact words to describe what it was like working with us. It wasn’t the last time we heard that sentiment from our customers, so naturally, it became the core representation of our company. We work every day to uphold that value and deliver that experience to our customers. We passionately believe technology, when used decisively and with care, will turn your ideas and visions into tangible solutions that will help you grow your business and run it more efficiently. We’re also 100% fiercely dedicated to providing customers with professional, high-level service for a true return on investment. Our Mission: To provide highly customized, groundbreaking technology solutions that further our customers' business goals and objectives. To be elemental in the "Idea Cycle" – from Vision, to Design, to Development, to Implementation. To be responsive. To "Get It Done." To experience continued growth and profitability while providing rewarding and forward thinking careers. Job Description   A Typical Day as a Miles' Software Developer Daily collaboration with other caring, intelligent and talented team members in an Agile/SCRUM environment Developing testing new business software solutions for our customers based on provided User Requirements and Technical Guidelines (see Software Services for some of the solutions we provide) Supporting advancing existing production systems (troubleshooting, analysis, recommendations for improvement, building implementing new features) Challenging yourself to learn new skills and advance your career (within the work you do every day, through our Miles University program, collaboratively with mentors, pursuing self-study technical certifications, and many other opportunities) Skills Experience REQUIRED Education Experience: Bachelor’s Degree (Computer Science, MIS, or other relevant degree) or equivalant experience + 2-3 years Practical Experience Software Development: Object-Oriented Programming, Full Stack Web Application Development Technologies/Platforms: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS3, IIS, jQuery, Bootstrap PREFERRED (any or all are a plus) Education Experience: Business Minor, Accounting, Business Process Analysis, Technical Writing, Agile/SCRUM Software Development: User Experience, Web Design, Human-Computer / User Interface Design Technologies/Platforms: ASP.NET (C# or VB.NET), Microsoft SQL, Angular, MVC, Single Page Architecture, Mobile Apps, Docker, GIT Qualifications Additional Information Learn more APPLY at A Message Re Coronavirus (COVID-19):  We’re Committed to Always Hiring Great People and to ensure the safety of our candidates and employees we will be conducting all interviews remotely indefinitly. We will reevaluate the current situation and make adjustments and provide updates as needed. If you are hired during this time you will have the opportunity to work remotely until the Corona Virus restrictions are lifted and we can get you working in one of our locations. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at 856-793-3873 

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