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The Marketing Technology team is the most important part of the B2B side of JustWatch. We are the first fully Movie TV show entertainment-centred marketing platform worldwide and had to build our tools from scratch. Our custom-built marketing platform allows our campaigns team to execute a volume of campaigns that, if done manually, would require a much bigger team.   Some of the topics we have recently worked on are: - adding different advertising channels with their various API quirks - expanding our system to cover new workflows as required by evolving campaign requirements - and (as usual) eliminating bugs   The biggest challenge now is utilizing ML and algorithms to run campaigns with ridiculous efficiency and much better targeting.   Our stack   The marketing stack is based on services written in Golang, running in Kubernetes managed by Google Cloud Platform. We store data in PostgreSQL and monitor everything through Prometheus. We use several advertising channels (and their APIs) such as Facebook and Google, and help our BI team to build relevant reports using a data warehouse based on Snowflake.   How we work, and what’s in it for you Freedom and responsibility We share context on what matters to the business. The delivery is up to you. That also means we don’t track vacation days, have flexible working hours, and allow working remotely No company-wide Scrum or other enforced processes. We are agile without the artificial overhead Great colleagues and a creative environment We prefer asking forgiveness than asking for permission Direct communication, no bloated hierarchy Frequent open, honest and bi-directional feedback What we expect from you We are interested in the value you can bring rather than years of experience, the knowledge of every piece of our tech stack or well-curated references. Do you have a side project? Have you failed or succeeded at your own startup? Are you an expert in a piece of our stack?  Incredibly driven? Entrepreneurial? These are the achievements and traits we're interested in.   As a guideline for technology and skills Experience as a backend engineer, deep familiarity with Go (Golang) language. Advanced ability to work with relational databases, preferably Postgres. Domain experience with DMPs, DSPs or within the AdTech/marketing tech ecosystem. Experience leading a backend engineering team. If you feel like you are missing some of the hard skills – don’t worry, we are hiring for the attitude, values, and personality.      The job can be fully remote or hybrid (our office is in Berlin and if you decide to relocate - we will fully support it)   We embrace our entrepreneurial responsibilities. Through our 6-figure environmental and social impact budget, we offset every employee’s carbon footprint, give back to the community, support causes that matter, and have recently implemented a wellbeing and mental health programme.    Read more about our culture in our blog post and Talent page:     How to apply:     Show your interest in any way that works for you, we simplified the application process -  send us whatever you have or just your Linkedin and a brief message explaining why you are a great fit for this role.     If you have any questions, please reach out to Daria from our talent team via LinkedIn or apply to this role directly through this listing.      JustWatch takes diversity and equal opportunity in a serious way. Our goal is to build a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We commit to being inclusive.

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