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Learn Khmer With Cambodian Teacher Vanna!

Have you ever wanted to learn to speak Khmer (Cambodian)? Here is your chance! Go to Learn Khmer with Cambodian Teacher Vanna and start learning today. You can learn Khmer through Skype lessons or you can learn cambodian through our free lessons.

There are youtube videos from Cambodian tutor Vanna that will help you pronounce your words and help you sound like you are from Cambodia. If you want one on one lessons, Vanna can do paid Skype lessons (only 10 dollars!) and your language skills will go up exponentially!

To go along with all the free khmer language resources, there are a bunch of cultural articles about Cambodia. Some of them are articles talking about Koh Kong Safari Zoo, Top Ten Khmer Facebook phrases, what Kiki Lulu means, and an article discussing Khmer proverbs.

KnowledgeOfAsia managed to catch up with Vanna and get a short interview about her website. Here’s how it went:

KOA: What made you start your website, Learn Khmer Now?

V: I was a tutor for barangs for a about 4 years and wanted to grow my business.My website lets me connect to students in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, but also all over the world.

khmer teacher

KOA: What are the most common countries Skype students come from?

V:The most common countries Skype students come from are probably: USA, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, France, England, Thailand, and interestingly Brazil.

khmer teacher

KOA: Do you like teaching by Skype or in person more?

V: I like teaching both methods as teaching is my passion. Classes in Phnom Penh, I get to see the student face to face and there are no technology obstacles to avoid (internet down, power outages, Skype lagging, etc). However in person lessons there are traffic considerations, price of gas, and weather. So both have some downsides.

KOA: Thank you so much for your time for this interview!

V: No problem, and if you want to learn how to speak Khmer or want to just learn about Cambodian culture make sure you check out my website and learn Cambodian now!

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